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Shipping Information

Circle Japan

    • Shipping Method: All shipments will be shipped via FedEx ground unless other arrangements have been made or requested at the time of the order. Shipments will be processed as soon as possible which normally will be within 7-10 days of confirmation of order and payment. Note that Circle Japan recommends that more expensive Sakes and/or Nama Sakes (when available) be shipped using overnight or 2-day service. If an item is discontinued, temporarily out of stock or requires a delay longer than normal you will be notified a quickly as possible.
    • Age/location Requirements: You must be 21 years old or older to order and receive alcoholic beverages. No Post Office box, APO or FPO addresses are authorized. Additionally only a person 21 years old or older who is not visibly intoxicated may accept Sake products when the shipment arrives at the destination. All packages will be marked and proof of age will be required prior to release of the shipment. Circle Japan is not responsible for failure to provide an eligible receiver at the delivery address. By ordering from Circle Japan you also agree that any sake is ordered for personal consumption and not for resale.
    • Tracking information: Once you package has been picked up from our location by the delivery company, you will be notified of your tracking information as soon as possible.
    • Address changes or corrections: Address changes will be charged $10.00 per address once the package has been shipped.
    • Forwarding: Forwarding to a different address will be charged $10.00 once a package has been shipped.
    • Returned packages: Charges for packages returned due to inability to deliver are as follows: UPS return shipping fee $10.00 and reversal of financial transaction fee $20.00.
    • State laws: Many states have laws preventing you from receiving wines shipped from outside their own state. Circle Japan will not knowingly ship to any state that prohibits such shipments. Customers are solely responsible for insuring that shipments of orders from Circle Japan are in compliance with state laws. Circle Japan provides no assurances express or implied that shipments to you in your state are legal. For our initial operations, we will be limiting our shipments to Florida Addresses. Additional states will be added in the future.
Local Store Pickup

    • Local store pickup rules are the same for any alcohol purchases in the state of Florida. The person picking up the order must be legally able to purchase the product in the state of Florida.
    • Local store pickup order normally take 24 hours to prepare for pickup. We will email you when your order is ready.