Circle Japan -“O’Sake-ya”  Sake

Sake, while it has been around for hundreds of years, in the United States it is one of the most interesting and least explored of the adult beverage genre.  Because most sake available in America’s adult beverage outlets and Japanese restaurants is sold because it is cheap, there is a very limited group of people that understand that good Sake is a painstakingly produced craftsman product with flavors and nuances even more exotic than wine or micro brew beers.  Each brewer coaxing tastes, flavors and smoothness unique to the rice, water, soils and brewing process of each brand and grade.  Good Sake is not the pounding your chest rite of passage, alcohol tasting “Jet Fuel” that you can get at your local supermarket or teppanyakki house.  Good Sake is an adventure and a journey that is reserved for those with the adventurous spirit and discerning palate to enjoy the most enjoyable experience available in a bottle. 

Circle Japan’s O’Sake-ya (Sake Store) is dedicated to spreading the word of this delightful beverage.  We stock a phenomenal variety of premium Sake right in our store.  We have an even larger variety available for sale either through the store or online.  We have the largest selection of any store in the region and compare favorably to any other store in the country.  We host tastings every Friday night in the store, from 5-8 PM to give you the opportunity to try before you buy.  We provide staff for parties at your home to provide information about Sake and Japanese culture.  If you find Sakes that you like amongst our products and want to share them with others across the country, we have shipping available.  Circle Japan, O’Sake-ya is your source for the best that Japan has to offer. Check us out; you will be glad you did.

For information on Sake, ordering, pricing, shipping or anything else about Circle Japan, please follow this link.  For a list of our current selections, check out our Sake Page.

Contact our Sake Manager at (904) 710-5193